This page was built specifically for “spambots” — automated programs that search the Web and collect e-mail addresses for spammers. When this page loads, it randomly generates 100 bogus e-mail addresses. The link at the bottom of the page goes to itself, which reloads the page and generates another hundred bogus e-mail addresses. When a spambot visits this page, it harvests the addresses on the page, sends them back to the spammer, then follows the link to the next (same) page, where it will get another hundred bogus addresses, and so on in an infinite loop. The ’bot will collect and transmit millions of bogus e-mail addresses back to the spammer until the Web server finally blocks its access, effectively kicking it off the system. (Thereby also protecting their other hosted sites.)

There are thousands of pages just like this one, hidden in Web sites all over the world. We’re part of a growing group of responsible Webmasters doing our part to help stamp out spam.

By the way... there is no way “out” of this page — for you or the spambot! You’ll need to close this browser window.

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