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Monthly Updating of our Printed Edition has Ceased

The electronic version of Saunders Pharmaeutical Word Book checks our update server for updates each time it starts. All available updates are then downloaded and incorporated into the database on your computer automatically.

For more information on updating, see the second “Q” on our FAQ page.
To order the electronic version of our drug reference on CD, visit our order page.

You will receive no further e-mail update notices. In fact, the only e-mail you may receive from us in the future is one notice if we’re speaking in your area (the reason we asked for your Zip code) or one e-mail to announce a new book or CD coming out that we think might interest you (for example, we’re currently working on an update to Dorland’s Medical Speller and Sloane’s Medical Word Book). We respect your privacy and will never share your e-mail address or “mail bomb” you with useless junk.

— Ellen and Randy